Christmas Survival

Merry Christmas Everyone—

I have needed to use some of my Holiday Survival Tips. I arrived in Spring, TX on December 23. My sister and I were out doing some shopping. We were in my SUV but I had her driving since I don’t see well in the dark. All of a sudden on a very busy my 2019 vehicle stops dead. We had a guardian angel in a man who offered to push us into a grocery store parking lot. First call was for a jump start. It took him over and hour to get there. The vehicle wouldn’t kept running so he said I needed to get it towed. The tow truck arrive in another hour. My type dealership didn’t accept after hours drop offs so my SUV was towed to the company lot. They delivered it to the dealer that was closing early. They could look at it until yesterday. They had to order a part from m Dallas— a little irony here because I’m from the DFW area but was visiting in the Houston area. They did get the part today and then needed a spark p,us. They took a spark plug from a new vehicle like mind that was delivered today.

I’m waiting to hear that they got it fixed. My family was there come up to Fort Worth to see me today. Instead we are in plan B. We are going to stay in a hotel so the girls can have breakfast in the morning. We are going to a movie.

There are so many things that could have gotten me and my sister tensed up. I believe fish and family stink after 3 days. Today is day 4. My sister and her husband work from home so I need to be transported between their clients. I’m a very independent person and don’t like to impose on people. I could have gotten in the mindset of “this ALWAYS happens to me” Or they are going to think I’m imposing on them. My sister assured me I’m not. Or I think could think everything is ruined because my girls aren’t going to be at grandma’s house over Christmas. It’s not ruined. We are just going to plan B.

Professionals in the counseling business need to apply the cop g skills we teach our clients so we don’t get all amped up with negative thoughts either.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year

However if the new year blahs creep in be sure to contact a mental health professional for assistance.

Gay A, Hunter, M.Div., LPC-S

Ditch the Lie Counselng

9209 Christopher Circle

Fort Worth, Tex 76140


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