Holiday Survival Tip 9

Avoid the shouldas, wouldas and couldas. Or the fancy  name is ruminating.

An example from my life is last night my sister and I were driving in my car to run some errands. She was driving and all of a sudden my car quits right in the middle of traffic. Bless the dear man who offered to push into a parking lot. I called the Kia roadside assistance and found out my free membership ran out on September 30 so I had to pay for the jump start and then the towing out of pocket. I had changed my cell plan so didn’t have my ATT roadside assistance anymore.

i could have beat myself up about this. Instead I realized that if I added up all of the monthly charges for a plan, the amount I paid for for the services was probably less than the total of monthly payments. The catch was it had the be paid in a lump sum.

Today is Christmas Eve. The dealership is only open until 10:30 a. m. I got the tow service called so the car can get over there before that. It will be Wednesday before they can look at it. Guess I won’t be heading home at 10 on Wednesday morning.

I’m grateful that this happened in Spring, TX and not when I was on the road somewhere between Spring and Fort Worth. I’m with family and I’m safe and warm. My schedule isn’t going as planned but it will work out.

i am still going the have a wonderful Christmas with my family. I’m not going through let th shouldas, wouldas or couldas creep in a spoil my joy.

Merry Christmas to everyone


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