Holiday Survival Tip -6

As always thank you cognitive behavioral therapy-Emotional reasoning–trusting your gut or instincts without any basis of fact. How many of us have known someone or we have decided our current love is cheating on us. In this situation he/she was really working late–no hanky–panky going. The person keeps ragging on the loved one, telling them they are lying. Until one day the person thinks “he/she thinks I’m having an affair, so I might as well do it”. Then the relationship goes down the tubes. So what if the person was having an affair, accusing them of having an affair is not going to bring them back. That may be time to take a good hard look at the relationship and realize it has hit it’s expiration date. Sometimes we are supposed to be with someone only for a season. That’s okay.
As they used to say on the show TV Dragnet–“just the facts, ma’am.” It really is better to make a decision based on facts.
If you have yourself upset because your gut feelings are on a roll, please get with a mental health professional to help you relieve your distress,
I’m located in the DFW area and have openings.
Gay Hunter

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